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Spray Tans


Spray tans are used to increase the colour/tone of the skin. Perfect for holidays, birthdays or parties


We have either:

Vita Liberata, Hawaii (light), Ecuador (medium) and Brazil (dark)

Sienna X, 8%,10%,12%, 16%, Bridal Tan and Express Tan

or MineTan, Olive, Bride tan, Coffee, AbsoulteX40, 


A pop-up portable tent will be erected while you get dressed into your chosen attire, barrier cream will be applied to dry parts of your skin, deodorant will be removed along with jewellery, and sticky feet and hair net will be applied. You will stand in the tent, take poses as instructed. Once the application has been completed you will step out of the tent, sticky feet and hair net removed then hands will be wiped to remove any tan that may have got on them.

Patch Test

Patch tests are advised for this treatment. Please read our disclaimer for more in-depth information about a patch test, including why you need a patch test, when an allergy may arise and who needs to have one.

Spray Tans: Service
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