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LVL Lash Lift


A lash lift is a bit like an eyelash perm and gives the same effect as using an eyelash curler. A natural, semi-permanent lash treatment, it lasts 6-10 week and is suitable for clients no matter what their lash length.


We use Airlift for the lifting and setting solutions, We use Apraise for the tint.

Please book a patch test before booking this treatment


A shield will be selected depending on the clients natural lash and their desired outcome. The shield will then be glued to the clients top eye lid. Glue will then be applied to the shield and lashes will stuck onto it. Lifting solution will then be applied, left for a period of time, then removed. The same process with the setting solution after. The lashes will then be cleaned and they will be tinted if required.

Patch Test

Patch tests are advised for this treatment. Please read our disclaimer for more in-depth information about a patch test, including why you need a patch test, when an allergy may arise and who needs to have one.

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