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Patch Test


Patch tests are extremely important. We strongly recommend that you have a patch test before having any treatments done. Especially if you haven't had the treatment in the last year or if you have recently had children.  Please bear in mind that having a patch test does not mean that you are not allergic to the products. When exposed to a large amount of the product you may have an allergic reaction, and having a patch test done is only to gauge the likelihood of you having an allergic reaction.

Patch tests are required for eyelash extensions, LVL lash lift and Spray tans


When patch testing for eyelash extensions, we adhere a few eyelashes to each eye as this gives a better indication on whether you are likely to have an allergic reaction. Patch test for spray tans is done on the crease of your arm so you can see if you have a reactions. The LVL lash lift patch test is done behind the ear

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